Party Ideas - Tea Party Hat Decorations



Play with the flowers and place them where you feel they give your hat the perfect tea party look.  Use the glue dots to hold the flowers in place.
The flowers can be placed on one side of the hat, in the front, or around the rim.  It looks good to place the small flowers between the big flowers for a softer look.
The glue dots work well for the girls' party activity;  however, the flowers can come loose with excessive movement and play.  Our recommendation is for the girls to create their hats using the glue dots during the party activity and having Mothers use a glue gun after the tea party to secure the flowers firmly in place.  The glue will run through the netting on the hat, so be sure to put paper behind your work area.

Have lots of fun and enjoy your tea party hat!!

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Pink Hat Examples:

White Hat Examples: